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How to know if your website is mobile-friendly?

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Modern consumers have become fully adapted to online shopping and sourcing of products and services. As such, online marketing has become the most effective and convenient means of promoting your business, with business websites leading the pack in this regard. As companies strive to maximize these digital business solutions, it is critical to understand consumer behavior, especially how exactly the online population is gaining access to your website.

According to online trend-analysts, over 80% of online traffic uses mobile devices. Surveys have shown that over 95% of internet users have internet-capable devices, with only a smaller majority opting to use other devices such as desktops & PCs for surfing the internet. This means that your website should be mobile friendly to cater to this traffic majority for a seamless user experience! Let’s take a quick look at two effective methods that can help you to determine whether your website is mobile-friendly or not!

Yes, there are many online tools available that can help you test your website’s adaptability level. No surprise there, it’s the digital era after all!

The Shrink Test

Let’s start with the easiest test for your website. Remember, the unique factor when considering mobile access is the ability or adaptability of the website to smaller and ‘less-square’ screens. A mobile-friendly website should be able to adjust its content and features to any screen size without having to push that page up, down, or sideways to see anything. The shrink test, therefore, examines that exact ability on your website.
So, how do you perform the test? First, visit your website on your computer’s browser (laptop or desktop). Now, click on the edge of the browser and start shrinking the screen size slowly. Note how your page adapts to the changing display size as you reduce the tab size to the smallest possible window. If any content becomes hidden with a screen-width greater than 2 inches or so, then your website is not so mobile friendly.

Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

How about that? Yes, there are many online tools available that can help you test your website’s adaptability level. No surprise there, it’s the digital era after all! The best tools for this are those developed by search engines such as, you guessed it, Google! The Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool will thoroughly evaluate your website and even give you a detailed report of the main issues that are affecting your site’s mobile-friendly features.
How do you use it? Simply visit the Tool Page, where you will be asked to type in your website’s address and then go on to ‘Test URL.’ It’s pretty quick, and you’ll have your results in under a minute! Be sure to carefully scrutinize the report with the help of a knowledgeable IT specialist or developer.

Now what?
Having evaluated the mobile-friendly qualities of your website, it’s very important to take immediate corrective action. In this modern era, where the digital world has been embraced globally, a mobile-friendly website will help you to cater to every form of online traffic. Mobile-friendly business websites generally get more traffic as people prefer to shop from the convenience of their tablets and smartphones while in bed, on the subway, and perhaps even in the bathroom!
If you notice any issues with your site, it’s high time you enlist professional developers’ services to modify or re-design your website and ensure excellent user experience for your traffic. There are lots of developer choices online with some of the reputable ones like LakePlace Design, offering highly-specialized teams dedicated solely to making your website mobile-friendly. Good luck!

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