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Getting to Know the Client

June 1, 2020June 6, 2020No comments

Every professional relationship requires a strong mutual understanding among the stakeholders. As Lakeplace Design, we believe that the success of our relationship with clients relies heavily on our more in-depth understanding of their brand, goals, visions, etc. We are not hesitant to invest time and resources to get to know and understand our clients better so our services can address their needs adequately. Some of the techniques that we have adopted over time when getting to know our clients include the following:

We don’t make assumptions.
We never make assumptions on behalf of the customer. Simple. We are fully aware that each client is unique and seeks to stand out in their particular niche. Each one is diverse and comes from a different background with unique objectives and goals which we seek to understand fully. We value individual customer feedback so that we can personalize our services and provide satisfactory customer experiences. Respecting customer diversity is one of our core company values.

We ask customers.
As Lakeplace Design, we are never hesitant to ask our customers what they think about our services. This is the simplest yet most effective form of getting to know each other, which builds on our commitment never to make assumptions. If we believe that there are details that will enable us to offer an improved service, we will gladly take the time to inquire with the client on the subject to find common ground.

We also commit to a customer-centric approach that always looks out for the interests of our valued customers.

Full Interaction.
Lakeplace Design understands the importance of interacting with our customers outside the office setup. We regularly reach out to our clients by hosting a variety of get-together events mean to foster more intimate business relations. We consider it our responsibility to reach out to our clients rather than them reaching out to us. We cherish the time we spend interacting with our clients during such events. After all, they are the reason we exist.

We conduct surveys.
Our company doesn’t hesitate to channel adequate funds for conducting extensive surveys. Surveys are one of the best ways to gain more details on our clients and their business or operating environment.

We value customer reviews.
We operate various customer review channels, such as testimonials on the company’s website and commentary boxes on our social media platforms. In these, we are particularly interested in complaints and suggestions on how to make our products and services better. We encourage our stakeholders not to hesitate to identify themselves on such platforms as this will enable us to locate them and make rectifications if need be.

Face to face meetings.
Some issues are best dealt with face to face, and we know it. Safer all, a more significant part of human communication lies in body language that cannot be communicated on the phone. As such, we understand the need to sit down with our clients so that we may take time to hear and see things from their perspective as well as their expectations in person. Of course, we also employ the various modern implements in virtual comms, which are equally useful for greater convenience to our clients.

Social Media Leverage.
We have very active social media accounts for the sake of our customers’ convenience. We are aware that we do business with clients from different physical locations, including very far ones. In this age of fast technology, we also value the need to receive customer feedback quickly. For those reasons, we have a very competent team always manning our social media presence so that we continue to give our customers an enhanced customer experience.

We do client follow-ups.
We always follow up on our clients. Our relationship doesn’t start and end with the completion of service rendering or product deliveries. After every encounter, we always check on our clients to see how well they’re fairing and how best we can be of continued service. This includes the provision of after-sales and support services that may be necessary. This also allows us to find out how we can further improve our ever-evolving digital product and services to suit the modern landscape!

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