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Surfing Fins and Accessories

Built with Magento and WordPress

category: E-commerce

Surfing Fins and Accessories

An informational part of the site contains a description of the company, events, team members, and new trends in the sphere.
The Magento part is a store where items are arranged by category and the buyer can easily find fins and accessories using various filters and buy the selected item.
A user can find a store by zip code: locations are detected with markers on the integrated Google map, and addresses of stores are on the right of the map.
Integration with Instagram: data is pulled from the store Instagram account and personal accounts of Team members on Instagram.

Some of the functionality that was implemented:
- Magento store configuration
- Wordpress integration Magento by FishPig extension
- Using the Instagram API
- Using the GMaps API


The team of specialists of the company had to develop Magento online store of surfing fins and accessories integrated with a WordPress platform.

  • Skills

    Apache 2.4, HTML/CSS, PHP 5, Magento 1.9.2, Wordpress 4.5